About US

Dr Mishhra Academy is the European Academy for the Promotion of Holistic Health through Traditional Yoga, Ayurveda and Wellness in Bremen, Germany. We offer a holistic approach to healing that focuses on your wellbeing through yoga, Ayurveda and wellness practices.

Our keywords and philosophy:
Understanding – Experience – Explore

Dr Mishhra Academy is dedicated to an integrated concept of traditional Ayurveda, yoga and wellness that will help you to achieve your multiple goals, which can be physical health, mental growth or spiritual expansion of consciousness.

We offer Ayurveda wellness massages, Ayurveda counselling, Ayurveda training, various types and levels of yoga classes, as well as yoga teacher training – 200 hours and yoga teacher training – 300 hours, Meditation teacher training course, Pre and Post Natal Training, Ayurveda Therapy Traning, yoga retreats, yoga and spiritual journeys around the world Your body, mind and soul, and our professional training course will lead you to independence to find new professional perspectives.