Abhyanga (full body oil massage)

The Abhyanga massage is a full body massage that improves the elimination of impurities from the body, increases the circulation and harmonizes the nervous system. Abhyanga strengthens the immune system and promotes the flow of energy in your body.

Pristabhyanga (back oil massage)

The Pristabhyanga back massage releases stress and tensions from the back.

Padabhyanga (foot-leg oil massage)

In Padabhyanga your feet and legs are massaged with warm oil up to your knees. Padabhyanga improves the blood circulation, reduces swellings and soreness in the lower legs, prevents dryness and cramps and stimulates the flow of energy in your body to activate self-healing power.

Katiabhyanga (stomach oil massage)

Katiabhyanga helps to improve the digestion and relieves form pains of the menstrual cycle as well as improves the energy flow in your stomach.

Indian head massage (with and without oil)

Releases stress and improves the mental relaxation.