My name is Nicole,

I live and work with my family in Bremen.

I graduated in public administration. Yoga can also be integrated in this area. I am happy to also reach the male employees.

After a selection process, I was accepted into a conflict management team.

Establishing yoga in its holistic orientation in everyday professional life and experiencing positive feedback is very enriching for me.

Yoga is a source of strength with which I learned to reduce tension, to experience inner peace and to regain health.

I completed my training as a yoga teacher with Dr. Mishra.

He also trains me in further training.

When teaching, my goal is to ease the demanding asanas,

through the calm breath, with mindfulness to your body and your thoughts.

For me, special experiences are withdrawing the senses from the outside,

through relaxation exercises up to guided meditation.

Physical, mental and emotional tensions dissolve, so you can carry peace and quiet into your everyday life.