Dr. Rajesh K. Mishra- Ayurveda und Yoga Master, Bremen

I read it somewhere that ‘‘health is not the absence of disease. Rather its dynamicity of life.’’ Yoga and Ayurveda practices help you to have such dynamicity and synchronization in life

Days, when some of us use to smirk at people carrying yoga mat and practising yoga, are gone. Yoga is on the top of list recreational practice along with hiking, swimming and running. Data collected by research institute Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung reveals that about 3 million Germens are regular practitioners of yoga. A huge number of 90% are women. Not only these survey reports show that a large population in intended to start yoga practice. Yoga practice is trending in Germany. There are more than 300 yoga practice studios in Berlin and approx. more than 70 yoga studios in Bremen.

Yoga practice basically originated in India in 17th century and comprises of physical and mental exercise, meditation and deep breathing. The purpose is to align the body, mind and spirit together in harmony and synchronization to improve mental and physical health and performance.

Yoga and Ayurveda- a traditional system of healthcare, shares a similar origin and goal. Both help in improving health and performance and a stable state of mind. Both are closely associated and it’s better to say that both are part of each other. For instance, yoga involves physical and mental practices. On the other hand, abhyanga- an ayurvedic massage helps in detoxifying the body and relaxes the muscles.

Yoga and Ayurveda have significant health benefits both for physical and mental health. Practising yoga helps you have control over your body-mind. A stable state of mind ensures improved intellectual abilities and work performances. Here are some major benefits of practising yoga and ayurvedic practices that you will help you decide why you should choose yoga and Ayurveda over other exercises.

  • A long-term approach to revitalize the energy

In today’s busy routine and working schedules, we often do a lot many things which are unbalanced and not a wise option to go for. We often miss enough of sleep and to have out meal in time. All this is one major reason for the decline in our health, sluggishness and weariness. Moreover, most of us use coffee and energy drinks as stimulants to stay active. Although not harmful yet these energy stimulants do have some harmful effects. On the other hand, choosing yoga and Ayurveda is a comprehensive and long-lasting approach to revitalize you.

  • Improving concentration & distressing  

Today’s worlds is fast and our lives are becoming so involved and overloaded with work and stress that we may be distracted. In order to regain the connection of mind and body and to improve concentration, yoga is best option. Having a stable state of mind and mental balance is as much important as maintaining physical health.

Yoga engages you in physical exercises, meditation. Ayurveda helps in detoxifying your body. Thus, both help in de-stressing your mind and in having a sense of control on your emotions and thoughts.     

  • A perfect natural anti ageing practice  

A person’s age is one which appears on his face. Many of us look quite younger than their actual age. One the other hand, some look more than their age. This is because of our lifestyle and life choices. Having a stressful and busy routine gives you less time to think about yourself as well as stress weakens your body.

Yoga and natural Ayurveda practice helps you to have a harmonious balance of physical and mental health. Regularly performed yoga helps you to find more dynamic and vibrant way of thinking, making you healthy and youthful.

If you join a yoga centre, this is even a plus point. While attending yoga practice session, you learn to bond with people who match your mental accord.  In a yoga session, people tend to be more open about sharing their thoughts, opinions and their unspoken emotions. Thus, you learn to love yourself and to share strong, harmonious bonds with fellows.

Bottom line…..  

The potential benefits of yoga and Ayurveda practices are numerous. On the top of list are mental stability and physical health. The regular practice encourages you to understand yourself, grow, heal and love the way that you are. So, take out some time for yourself in a daily busy schedule for practising yoga and Ayurveda, because you matter!!!            

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