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Susanne Walter

My name is Susanne Walter. I live with my family and my dog ​​in Bremerhaven. For four decades I had no contact with yoga. The awareness of the connection between body, mind and soul was not overly pronounced, the term mindfulness did not take up much space in my life.

Still looking for something, I happened to take part in a yoga class that I liked. This is where my journey to yoga and – as I know today – to me began. Because for me yoga is not a fitness trend, not a new sport, not just tension and relaxation of the body.

Yoga has become a philosophy of life for me. It helps me to live life mindfully, consciously, with my heart and with empathy. Yoga is a way of realizing that everything is connected. And that every step, every breath leads to this one whole.

I was able to understand this in my yoga teacher training with Dr. Deepen Rajesh Mishra and wonderfully continue my yoga and cancer teacher training. What is possible with yoga always fills me with amazement and joy and I try to awaken the deeper understanding of it in my lessons. I like to be guided by my intuition and try to make the fullness of the moment recognizable for my yogis.

So I’m looking forward to our hours together and our exchange. And the wonderful energy that can arise here and the space that lets us relax and recharge our batteries away from everyday life.