Top Yoga Destinations around the Globe

Top Yoga Destinations around the Globe

Top Yoga Destinations around Globe- Part 1

We all know that exercise is good for health. But why choose yoga over a regular exercise. Yoga is not just about performing meditation and physical practices. Rather it’s body, mind and soul together. When practising yoga on regular basis, you are actually developing a bond among your physical state of the body with emotional and spiritual aspects. When perfectly harmonized together, what you gain is the perfect balance in health, more strength and emotional stability which I guess is something we all miss in our hectic routine days. There are copious reasons to choose yoga in everyday routine. 21st June is celebrated as International Yoga day.     

So what’s the next point? Many of us are a big fan of travelling and tourism. We love to explore places, things, people and many more. Isn’t it sounds cool to go to a perfect yoga destination? This is really a great idea when you are on leave from a job or from a hectic study semester. So, let’s explore top yoga destinations with the intention that the next summer vacations are going to be great.

  • India
Top Yoga Destination- Kerala

India is one of the top yoga destinations for yogis. Yoga itself is rooted in Indian history. Unlike western yoga, in India, yoga is taken as a holistic approach covering all physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. The quality of yoga teaching and training is great. Classical yoga practice spots include certain ashrams and retreats on account of their popularity and fame for yoga teachings. One thing to consider is that yoga may not necessarily be cheap and some of the traditional places are hard to get in touch with. But don’t worry, be patient and note India in your travel list. Not only for yoga, India is rich in cultural heritage, nice and comfy weather, delicious food and people also. Yoga retreats are accessible the whole year but December is much preferred time of the year.     

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Sub destinations In India

Top Yoga Destination: Kerala
  • Kerala
  • Goa
  • Rishikesh
  • Mysore
Top Yoga Destination- GOA
  • Sedona Arizona

Sedona is a true oasis. Situated near the Arizona desert near flagstaff and surrounded beautifully by red-rocks, pine forests and steep canyon walls, Sedona makes one of the top yoga destinations. Serene Climate, vibrant and effervescent art, scenic beauty Sedona attracts a number of tourists and yoga practitioners. This yoga destination is known as a spiritual vortex. People love to visit here from worldwide to seek serenity and to achieve high conscious through yoga.

A three-day Sedona yoga festival, which is held in March every year, catches the attention of spiritual seekers and yogis from worldwide. The festival involves a lineup of about 200 yoga classes and artistic performances of kirtan.

  • Thailand

One of the most favourite and preferred destinations for tourist, Thailand is land of smiles and quite a yoga hotspot. Thailand is all-rounder no matter it’s about full moon parties, festive, spiritual retreats, amazing architecture and breathtaking view. Koh Phangan is a yoga retreat where practitioners can enjoy spa treatments with comfy steam room, attend a healing session at a Tea Temple, participate in Pilate’s class and indulge in an intense detox program. Moreover, the yogic practitioners gather therefrom worldwide in December and January compared to June when there are fewer numbers of yoga practitioners. 

Some of the sub destinations in Thailand:

  • Koh samui
  • Chiang mai
  • Phuket
  • Kog phangan     
  • Italy

Considering the fact that over 60 million visitors visited the country in the year 2017, Italy is never off the list of top yoga destinations. It’s a natural beauty with lush vineyards on sun-drenched hills’, magnificent mountains, as well as bounty of coastlines and charming fishing and many more.  Italy is a Mediterranean gem that no one can get bored even if you visit it again and again. Talking about Italy as yoga destinations, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.  July and August are most popular months of the year for yoga compared t o January and February which are less admired as yoga season. A verity of delicious cuisine is a plus point of Italy. Italy is one of the most admired yoga destinations in Europe that even yoga does not have too many native roots in Italy; you will still find yoga retreats almost every part of the country.      

Sub destinations in Italy

  • Sicily
  • Puglia
  • Sardinia
  • Tuscany   
  • Costa Blanca,  Spain

Sandy beaches and beautiful cliffs, sun saluted spot, Costa Blanca is a not to be missed yoga destination. Here you can get the chance to combine European travel with yoga. You have a lot to discover such as Spanish culture, delicious cuisine, relax on the beach, go scuba diving, cycling, and of course do plenty of yoga!

Yoga is so popular here that twice a day yoga experts held a one hour class for yoga tourists. You have plenty of time for spiritual healing and touring and in between times there’s walking, massages and vegan-friendly healthy food.

Sub destinations in Spain

  • Mexico

Mexico is the spanking new addition to top yoga destinations. This is because Mexico has got a plenty of pristine beaches, cheerful people and colorful culture and comfy climate. It’s a great choice as yoga destination during summer vacations if you want to escape the cold weather up north. Therefore, January and December are the peak season, while September is less preferred because of the hurricane season. Few steps away from the ancient Mayan ruins Tribal Yoga Tulum is one of the stunning places to classify as yoga retreat.

Sub destinations in Mexico

  • Oleiros, Portugal

Restorative retreats at family-run Vale de Moses in the foothills Estrela Mountains of Portugal present a morning silent meditation. Moreover, you can enjoy a serene walk along rivers and through the forest. A two-hour yoga class is effective for yoga practitioners of all levels. Practitioners can avail a therapeutic massage and acupuncture, and attend workshops discovering portions of yogic life, meditation, swimming and whatnot. Yoga technique and asanas focus on giving strength, balance and stability of practitioners. Food is vegan and Ayurvedic.
The peak time of the year is between July and August. Although winters are not much harsh, yet yoga season is low during the winter months of January and February.

Popular sub destinations

  • Indonesia

Indonesia is the entire time favourite place for travelling and for yoga destination as well. Bali is the main reason, being the heaven for yogis with plenty of yoga retreats, healthy food choices and a variety of cheerful yoga festivals.

The months of June and July which are the dry season are the most favoured time of the year for yogis. However, if you are fond of the rainy season, January and February are best plus you can avoid the swarm of tourists as well.  

Popular sub destinations

  • Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a soulful natural reserve and one of the top yoga destinations. Taking a yoga class at breathtaking Rekawa beach, watching the sunrise, having a healthy breakfast of fresh fruits and coconut are something you should not be missing. You can have excellent acupuncture, delicious veggie with some fish.  Yoga classes are led by experienced teachers who give you a handful of tips about the holistic approach of yoga for a healthy body and mind.

  • France 

France is a great choice of yoga trips for the past 10 years. Some of the highlights of this destination include fun activities, intense healthy weeks in the French Alps. Waking up early at 7 am and having a soulful energizing hour of hatha yoga are the speciality of this place. you can enjoy a whole day of skiing or snowboarding, then relax with a good book by a roaring fire before going to a 90-minute early-evening regular class.


Destination yoga should be a top list priority for yoga practitioners. The climate, culture, cuisine and popular festivals of these yoga destinations all are worth a visit; you can enjoy much more along with the holistic benefits of yoga.


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