What is Wellness?

First we have to clarify our understanding of wellness:

  • Wellness is a process where a person becomes active and aware of making choices towards a healthy life. And hence feel fulfilled by following a healthy lifestyle.
  • Wellness is much more than being free from illness. As everyone knows precaution is better than cure. And hence that is the exact meaning of wellness as here it is a long process.
  • By following that process one can be in a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. Here the person is conscious and has to make awesome choices so that he/she can live a life with full potential.

Now let us know why wellness is so important?

  • One needs to maintain an optimum level of wellness as it is crucial in order to have a healthy and happy life.
  • Every action done by a human being depends upon the well being of that person and that’s why wellness matters.
  • All the emotions that a person experiences are also dependent on wellness. And hence the well being can lead to happier emotions.
  • In addition, the well being leads to subdue the stress and reduction of health risks and illnesses.
  • Moreover, the well being of a person leads to positive interactions with other people around.

So now you might have the idea of what wellness is and why is it needed. Hence let’s see the different forms of wellness and the ways to achieve it. And what all to stop in order to achive that kind of wellness.

  1. Physical wellness- The physical wellness measures the healthy behavior that is doing adequate exercises and having proper food intake. Some bad habits should be stopped in order to maintain a healthy physical body. Such include abstaining from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc. Then regular body checkups should be done so that what is best for the body can be done. So one must exercise regularly and get adequate rest in order to be very healthy. Controlling the meal portions would also be very helpful in order to maintain the body mass index. There are several kinds of things that one can do and follow for getting a great body. Some of them are Yoga, Sports, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc. These types of remedies and ways do not have any side effects. All of them are very good for health and have a great physical impact. This is the ability of life hich allows the person to go through the daily lives without fatigue and getting much stressed. And hence by playing sports or doing yoga along with nutritious diet one can get a healthy body and in the end that could lead to a healthy life forever. Ayurveda aids the body well and so it can also be done alongside doing some physical activity and eating the right food. As Ayurveda consists of doing activities which include eating healthy herbs or their powder. That could lead to the better functioning of the body. All the remedies provided by Ayurveda are fully natural and hence they do not have any kinds of side effects unless a person is allergic to a specific item.
  2. Emotional wellness- This is the state which often gets mixed with all the other types of wellnesses. This means the ability of the person to share human emotions and express them as happiness, sadness, angry emotion, etc. This wellness tunes in to the thoughts and feelings of the person. It helps the person to gain an optimistic attitude in life. Yoga and Ayurveda have a great impact on improving the emotional wellness of a person. As then the stress of a person can be reduced and hence the person will feel less angry hence the happy emotions will increase. It gives a sense of fulfillment in a person. One should learn and cultivate time management skills in life for emotional wellness. And that could lead to better emotions in a person where the person knows his/her priorities and hence can live a happier life. One should seek for help when needed and even provide it to someone when he/she needs it. That is getting and providing support whenever needed promote happier emotions in a person which could lead to great emotional wellness. And last but not the least the person must learn to forgive himself/herself and others too. As they have to live with themselves the whole life. And hence acceptance is the key which could lead to a good life. And that is why one must accept himself/herself and try to forgive themselves for the mistakes they might have done. And the main way how emotional wellness could be improved is the optimistic attitude of the person.
  3. Social wellness- It depends on the person’s ability to do positive and healthy interactions with other people around. This includes living up to the expectations and accomplishing personal roles in the global community. Good communication skills are a core of this wellness and hence one can build great social circles by these social skills. This can be improved by cultivating in healthy relationships with people and getting involved in different groups. Sharing of information and skills with people also leads to nice social circles. This type of wellness means the people create a great support network of friends and family members. Now social wellness means that the person starts to respect the people around him/her. And to respect others one must respect himself /herself first. And then they can start respecting others. Then people must get involved in various social groups and do actions which are beneficial for the community. And in that way, their social wellness could improve. And as the communication skills are most important for nice social wellness then one must start to share his/her thoughts, ideas and feelings with the people around. That could lead to a healthy social life.
  4. Spiritual wellness- This involves possessing beliefs about some direction to one’s life. Then it provides with the principles and values to follow for that direction. This is the willingness of the human being to seek some meaning and hence find a purpose in life. So one must explore the spiritual core for good spiritual wellness. And for that one must spend some time of the day alone and try to meditate in total silence. People have faith in some powerful entity and their beliefs and commitment make that even stronger. And that could lead to better spiritual wellness. All the beliefs and faith provide the person with the purpose of his/her life. The beliefs can be anything as many people seek meaning about human existence and yes that purpose can also be known. One must start questioning everything and hence finding out answers for all the questions raised. One must be willing to be curious and hence never believe in anything blindly. Try to find out the answers to the questions which cannot be explained directly.
  5. Occupational wellness- This is the wellness where one should get personal fulfillment from the job that he/she is doing. The career field for the person is most important as one spends almost 8-10 hours a day doing work and hence one’s interest in his/her work matters a lot. And so one should contribute towards the job happily and with satisfaction. And that should lead to a positive impact in a persons life which in turn could lead to better occupational wellness in a person. The occupational wellness can also be known as vocational wellness and it is the perfect use of the skills, talents or abilities of a person in order to achieve something in life. That’s what leads to life enrichment. It is mainly dependent on the attitude of the person about work. So, for achieving ultimate job satisfaction one must explore varity of career options in order to find out what is best for them. And after that one must create the planning for the future. In addition, one must always be ready in life to learn new and better skills. That is one must learn to adapt to the changes and hence that could benefit their occupational wellness too.
  6. Environmental wellness- This is wellness where the person must be aware of the stability and sustainability of life on earth. The daily habits of a person could bring many changes in the environment. And by stopping a few bad habits like throwing nondisposable garbage in the open, and so one can help to maximize the harmony on earth and make it a better place to live for themselves and even for the future generations. One must take responsibility for his/her actions and take care what he/she does to the environment. So for that one must conserve water and other resources. Then the usage of chemicals must be minimized as it harms the environment and the disposal of chemicals should be done after treatment so it does not degrade the environment. The three R’s are very important for a great Earth. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. All these three must be followed for a healthy environment for the people to live in. Hence steps must be taken by one to conserve the environment and that could lead to the person’s better environmental wellness.

It is very important for a person to stay happy and healthy. And hence maintain all the kinds of wellness. In a nutshell explore everything in life like Ayurveda, homeopathy, play sports, do yoga, eat nutritious food, have an optimistic attitude, be stress-free in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle and awesome wellness in all fields.