With Dr Rajesh K Mishra & Guest Teacher

Yoga Psychology Training Module- 50 h

The Yoga Psychology Training Module represents one part of the 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course of the Dr Mishra Academy in Bremen. This module is also available separately.

Are you looking for a way to find peace of mind and meaning in life? The Yoga Psychology Training in Bremen will explain the yogic view of human life and how we can develop our potentials.

If your profession already is the one of a psychiatrist, psychologist or health worker in general, this course will give you a wider view of the human person and its potentials to integrate with what you already know. It will also give you an overview of a comprehensive view of the human personality, what is far wider than suspected by the western mind so far.
Our keywords are: Understand, Experience and Explore.

Content and facts of the Yoga Psychology Training in Bremen

Module Content

  1. The Koshas- Human Heritage
  2. Chakra & Personality
  3. Seven-Dimensional Model of the Personality
  4. Mind & Personality
  5. Yogic Lifestyle


  • Lecturers: Dr Rajesh K Mishra & guest lecturers
  • Teaching at the Dr Mishra Academy Bremen
  • Training: 50 hours on three weekend
  • Course time: Saturdays 10:00 – 19:00 & Sundays 10:00 – 14:00
  • One of the modules of the 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • Training manual for all participants
  • Supervision in classrooms
  • Graduation: Dr Mishra Academy
  • Free membership at Dr Mishra Academy


Please write to us for the new Module dates.


590€ / early bird – booking at least two months in advance
790€ / Regular
(200 € deposit on booking + final payment on the first day of training)

*Early booking is possible 3 months before the start of the course.
** The registration fee is € 200 and is non-refundable
** The amounts include all training hours as well as the oral, written, practical exam, snacks and drinks during breaks.
*** Education Gift Voucher/ Scholarships/ discounts are available only on regular cost.


After successfully completing the Yoga Psychology Module of the Dr Mishra Academy Bremen, each participant receives a training certificate from the Dr Mishra Academy.