With Dr Rajesh K Mishra & guest lecturers

Prerequisite is the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training Course: 300h Advance

Module-based education starting any time

What can you expect of the Yoga Teacher Training Course +300 h Bremen Advanced?

Dr Mishhra Academy is presenting an organized and well-structured course to students in Bremen so as to provide insightful yoga teacher training. Attending this course will enable the students to teach and share their ideas and knowledge of yoga as supported by a self-practice, strong connection within and inspiration.

The yoga teacher training course (+300 hours) in Bremen is to enhance teachers’ qualifications and abilities for those who have already completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training sessions. Moreover, this training session is an opportunity to certify your yoga teaching courses.

Our Course is divided into two parts:

Compulsory modules (225 hours)

All students who want to complete more than 300 hours must complete the compulsory module. You can take part in any module as you wish.

Elective modules (100 hours)

Sie können ein Modul nach Ihren Interessen auswählen.

Details of the Yoga Teacher Training Course +300h in Bremen

Training Session: 300 Hours
Duration: 1.5 to 5 years (depending on the Student)
Lecturers: Dr Rajesh k Mishra and Guest lecturers
Graduation: Dr Mishhra Academy

Modules of the Yoga Teacher Training Course +300 h in Bremen

Compulsory modules (225 hours)

Module 1: Introduction to Yoga Teacher Training – 25 hours

Module 2: Advanced anatomy and physiology 25 hours

Module 3: Advancing Yoga Philosophy – 100 hours

Module 4: Language training & language dramaturgy – 25 hours

Module 5: Yoga und Ayurveda Retreat: 50 Std.

Elective modules (100 hours)

Pre- & Post Natal Yoga Teachers Training / Pregnant Yoga 100 h (Or)

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training – 100 h (OR)

Meditation Teacher Training – 100 h

Dates of the Advance Yoga Teacher Training- 300h in Bremen

Module 01: 28/29 January 2023
Module 02: 25/26 February 2023
Module 03: 25./26. March 2023
Module 04: 22/23 April 2023
Module 05: 29/30 April 2023
Module 06: 24/25. June 2023
Module 07: 26/27 August 2023
Module 08: 23/24 September 2023
Module 09: 30/09/1 October 2023
Module 10: 25/26 November 2023


As guided by Dr Rajesh K. Mishra, you are free to select the project as per your interest.

Benefits of The Project
Being a part of this yoga teacher training course in Bremen gets you many benefits. Almost all of us are aware of what potential benefits we get from regular exercise and yoga sessions. Yoga training helps you to have control and deep insight into your emotions, spirituality and physical health. Here are some benefits to make you clear about why you should be a part of this yoga teachers’ training course:

  • Yoga teacher training session deepens your yoga practice up to the next level. You’ll feel the flexibility, and physical strength.
  • You’ll be able to explore your own questions
  • We provide you with a supportive and encouraging environment enabling you to befriend amazing people from all over the globe. Yoga is not just a practice. It’s a discipline to help you have a deep insight into your thoughts and emotions. Being surrounded by amazingly talented and motivated people while in yoga teacher training lets you go off the unheard and unspoken emotions. The result? You are no more stressed, or depressed and you’ll feel more contented in life.
  • These are some of the reasons that participants of yoga teaching sessions tend to be more open, creative and emotionally firm. You’ll find the participants discussing what they feel, their emotions, goals in life, things they fear and many more unheard issues that they usually don’t talk about. Therefore, a yoga teacher training session brings you a great opportunity to establish contacts and share a strong bond with those you find more comparable and who share a similar story with you.
  • Enable you to test perspectives
  • Expand the field of yoga teachers
  • Enhance your interest in the context
  • You will find your specialization
  • Highlighting some more eastern practices such as Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Kriyas And Mantras
  • It’s never too late to learn something new in life. Our excellent guest speakers have amazing facts and knowledge to share with you.

Costs of the Yoga Teacher Training Course +300 h in Bremen

3000 € / early bird – booking at least two months in advance (500 € deposit on booking + final payment on the first day of training)
3200 € / regular (500 € down payment upon registration + two instalments, First instalments on the First day of training.)
3500 € / monthly instalments (500 € down payment upon registration + 18 instalments per month á 166.67 € starting in the month of training)
*Early booking is possible 3 months before the start of the course.
** The registration fee is € 500 and is non-refundable
** The amounts include all training hours as well as the oral, written, and practical exam, snacks and drinks during breaks.
*** Education Gift Voucher/ Scholarships/ discounts are available only at regular cost.

Yoga Teacher Training Course +300 h Bremen

Teaching Practice, Evaluation and Certification

One of the integral parts of this yoga training in Bremen is teaching practice. This is to encourage student-teacher experience in a profound learning environment. Teaching practice involves:

  • Demonstration
  • Alignments
  • Instructions

The evaluation will be depending on the yoga teaching practice which is an integral part of this training, with special interest to develop and encourage student-teacher experience in the profound learning environment. The practical test of the Yoga Teacher Training in Bremen involves:

  • Asana, Pranayama, Mudra & Bandha, Yoga Nidra and Meditation
  • Attendance
  • Performance
  • Behaviours of the participants
    Note: Taking all the classes is mandatory for participants. However, in cases of urgency and medical conditions, the students are allowed to take leave as granted by the respected teacher.

The participants will be certified with the Yoga Teacher Training Course +300 by Dr Mishhra Academy Bremen.